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Walmart Return Policy for computer ink cartridges

Posted Tue February 4, 2003, by William J. written to Wal-Mart

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I'd like to offer a suggestion to your store that I think will help you satisfy your customers. A satisfied customer is a loyal customer, and I know all businesses need more of those. My suggestion concerns your store located at Irving, Tx.. Specifically, I am writing about returns.

Here's my idea: I purchased a Lexmark printer cartridge #17G0060 at the Walmart Supercenter in Irving, Tx., store #2649 on Jan., 19, 2003. When I got home I opened the packaging due to the only way you can use the product. The cartridge would not work. This is second time in 6 mos. that I have had a defective cartridge purchased at a Walmart. When I returned the cartridge to the store they refused to give my money back. I explained that I was not going to purchase any further cartridges now or in the future and that I wanted my money back they refused. The asst. manager Jackie Robins stated that they can ONLY exchange due it having been opened. I explained how else was I suppose to try the cartridge and expressed my complaint that I wanted my money back for a defective product not an exchange. She kept pointing to a return policy for computer and video games that are opened but never could produce any written or posted exchange policy about the printer cartridge. I am not happy about being charged $31.67 plus sales tax for a defective item and being told I can ONLY exchange. I feel that Walmart's self rotation of old stock or something could be the fault and I DO NOT care to purchase any further computer supplies from them. Seems to me it is a very lucrative scam to charge $31.67 for a small item and say too bad if you don't want to only exchange the product. This takes away my ability to purchase from another competitor for a better product when I am not happy with product provided.

Usually, I visit your store 3-5 times per month. On average, I spend $31-$50.

Generally, I've had good luck when dealing with your company. In the future, I will likely shop elsewhere. And you probably won't get a recommendation from me.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Remember, a happy customer is a loyal customer. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


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