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How do you get promoted?

Posted Wed January 23, 2008 1:38 pm, by David B. written to Wal-Mart

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Dear Sir:
I am an associate at store #1434 and my question is very simple. What does it take to advance with Wal-Mart? I am not trying to circumvent the management structure but, sometimes extrodernary situations require extrodernary actions.

I am a Disabled Veteran, but my that doesn't compromise my ability to perform my job. Combined pre and post military, I have over 20 years of retail experience in many different venues. I have succesfully held many management positions.

I have a Liberal Arts AA and BA degree. Also a degree in Logistics Systems Management ( with a GPA of 3.36 ) and an MBA ( with a GPA of 3.73 ).
Even with this expereince, I interveiwed for the position of Toy Department Manager, I have managed a store before, but did not get position. The individual who did get it was more qualified. I have worked for the past year in Domestics and received an exceeds expectations on my evaluation. The Department Manager position came open, I interveiwed for it but, did not get it. The individual who was selected was a CSM just back from maturnaty leave, who had never worked the department.

What I want to know is what do I need to be doing to be promoted. I want to advance with the company. My goal is to eventually be involved with international logistics and planning. With my education, and experience I have a lot to offer.


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by DAKOTA Posted Thu January 24, 2008 @ 1:33 PM

To All that replied for your time. To address the questions posted:
1. I have asked and the same answers, The other individual was more
qualified. When 20 years experience, education, and a good work
record doen't matter. something is wrong.
2 I have tried to contact corporate with this same question, verbatum.
No response after 3 attempts.

Research Wal-Mart and their Labor practices.


by Gino Posted Thu January 24, 2008 @ 1:13 AM

You get promoted in any company by hard work and working within the
internal business structure of the place you are employed. If one is
not satisfied with what's in place, one quietly and discreetly applies
at other places while maintaining their current position until they
get a better offer, then gives the current employee ample notice
before leaving.

While posting this on the internet may have seemed like a good idea at
the time, clearly " I am not trying to circumvent the management
structure but, sometimes extrodernary situations require extrodernary
actions." doesn't cut it, because, in essence, "circumventing the
management structure" was the enrire premise of posting this in the
first place.

by Angelic Princess:) Posted Wed January 23, 2008 @ 7:26 PM

This isn't the right place to ask that. ESPECIALLY in Walmart, they
don't care about your education. You could have dropped out of high
school and be a manager there.


by Steve-Oh Posted Wed January 23, 2008 @ 4:14 PM

David, as Calm mentioned, this is not the site for you. If I could
offer a little suggestion, it might be a good idea to run your letter
through something like Microsoft Word before you send it. Such a
program will flag any spelling, punctuation or grammar errors. You
are trying to advance and obviously have competition. Any edge you
can give yourself could help.
Best of luck.


by calm Posted Wed January 23, 2008 @ 3:50 PM

David, have you tried asking whoever interviewed you for the Toy
Department Manager position and whoever made the decision not to give
you the Domestics Department Manager position what you could do in
order to be a more attractive candidate the next time they're

You sound like an attractive candidate, but the fact that you're
trying to get this information by going through a website devoted to
providing customer feedback to companies makes it sound as if you're
having trouble getting the information you need from the people who
have the power to give you what you want. If you've tried and they're
not interested in developing talent from inside the company, maybe a
different WalMart or even a different company would be a better
long-term fit for you.


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