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Wal-mart going down

Posted Wed December 26, 2001, by N.O. written to Wal-Mart

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I would like to bring your attention a complaint I have about the experience at your store, located at Arkansas. Specifically, I'm writing about employment issues. I am extremely upset about this, and I hope you are able to resolve this situation.

The company of Wal-mart I have a complaint with, and i do have one with the way it is run. There is a store that has the most idiotic manager. Curtis is his name, and he is doing things that i am sure that the buyer and the workers would not smile upon. He has put back items (that is frowned upon by wal-mart in general) so that other workers can buy it, for at least a week. Items that a costomer could have bought. He has put tape over a certain light switch in the maintenance room. With directions do not turn on...or do not remove (the tape). It is a room that has an eyewash station at the back of it. He has removed the ashtrays/trashcans in the lobby allowing the costomers no way to put out there cigarettes or dispose of there trash unless they go outside. He orders things regardless of department managers orders, and wonders why he has so much over stock. He let half of the lights over night be turned off to save money. They are back on now...but for how long who knows. Hours are cut, Orders for general supplies (such as toilet paper) are forgoten, and bonuses are threatened. Even when wal-mart in the last month has earned before christmas more than it did the year before. By a very, very large increase. Department managers now live in fear of there jobs. If things aren't done exactally the way he wants. It has become a terrible place to work. For many, (almost all) no longer enjoy, or look forward to doing there job.

I seriously doubt that I will ever buy from your store again, and I will urge everyone I know to steer clear as well. In the past, quite frankly, I've been very dissatisfied with you. I usually visit 1-2 times per month. I usually spend $1-$15.

Here's what I'd like to see Wal-Mart do about this: Treat it's workers with respect. Show the shoppers some needed respect(especially after sept. 11) and treat the workers like family as it once was. Wal-mart has lost something in the past few years that it needs to get back. The love of the people, and the respect of the associate. If it continues to go down this path....it will grow..come to a dead stop..and start to go down hill. With no sympathy by customers, and fading loyalty by employies. Wal-mart needs to change it's ways to the time of sam....It will be hard, but it is needed. Some loss of money will occur, but It will be regained..ten fold. If only Wal-mart would realize it's misguidance...

Thank you for your attention to this matter. I look forward to your prompt response. Only by you Mr.Scott, NOT by your response teem.


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