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Online bike order THREE TIMES

Posted Thu November 10, 2016 2:21 pm, by Patricia C. written to Walmart

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I have ordered the same bike 3 different times, from 2 different Walmarts,because it is the one my granddaughter wants for Christmas. The 1st two times was at the Parkesburg store & after they assembled it, it looked used, dirty & scratched up. The 3rd time went to exton, pa store. Ordered online, then, because I ordered other items went to the store & picked up curtains, but not bike, and asked them to assemble it. Went to pick it up today & they said I already picked it up. I said no, I picked up the curtains, not the bike & I should still have a comforter here. There was no bike there. They figured because the one on the floor, was marked as being assembled on 11/7, that must have been my bike. After putting it together they put it in the garden center, where it is not covered, so it was rusty!!! I cancelled it AGAIN I have to ordered it. This time I have to pay to have it shipped to me, plus I have to pay someone to put it together, so maybe she will have it under the tree for Christmas.

Anything!!!!! It would be nice if it could be ordered & put together properly, without scratches & rust..why would they put it somewhere else, I ordered it & paid for a brand new bike. It should look like a new bike. And why should I have to pay for shipping & paying someone to put it together, when it is a free service at Walmart? This is the only thing my granddaughter asked me for, otherwise I would have gone elsewhere by now. With all the hours I have wasted there & gas, they should be buying the bike for me & delivering it with a great big red bow!!!


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