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Walmart's Deceptive Practices Cost me Money

Posted Fri December 23, 2011 12:00 pm, by Jumoke O. written to Walmart

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Sequence of Events:

o On November 30, 2011, I placed an order for a Hamilton Beach 6-Slice Toaster Oven Black from walmart.com (Order Number: 2677281324256). The order was to ship to a Walmart store (in this case, a FedEx location). The toaster oven was a Christmas gift, so I made sure that I placed it well ahead of Christmas to avoid any delivery issues and to ensure that it would arrive in time for Christmas. I have placed numerous orders on Walmart’s website with no problem, so I did not anticipate the disaster that would ensue in connection with this particular order.

o On December 2, 2011, I received an email from Walmart stating that my order had shipped.

o On December 14, 2011, I received another email from Walmart stating that the items scheduled for pickup had been delayed.

o On December 17, 2011, I received an email from Walmart stating that my order had arrived and that I should disregard the email notice stating that the order had been delayed. This email stated that I should pick up the order by 12/23/2011.

o On December 20, 2011, I receive two emails from Walmart, one stating that my order had been returned to Walmart and the other stating that I had been issued a refund for the item. Obviously, I was surprised to receive these emails, seeing as how I wasn’t notified that the order had arrived until December 17 and seeing as how I was told that I would have until December 23 to pick up my order.

o On December 20, 2011 at about 9:00 am, I called Walmart’s customer service to figure out why my order was returned and to find a way to resolve the issue so that a new toaster oven could be delivered to me by Christmas. I talked to a representative called Laz.

• At first, Laz tried to rectify the issue by saying that he would re-order the toaster oven and have it sent to me by expedited shipping. When he tried to do this, he discovered that the toaster was out of stock.

• Next, Laz discussed with his supervisor and offered that I choose another 6-slice toaster oven from Walmart’s website and that he would sell it to me for the same price that I paid for the original toaster oven and would have it delivered to me by expedited shipping at no extra charge. I chose the other Hamilton Beach toaster oven available (Hamilton Beach 6-Slice Toaster Oven (31409)). Laz stated that he would not be able to process the order for the second toaster oven at the discounted price, but would charge me the full price of $69.36, but then immediately process a refund on my credit card for $24.97 (the cost of the expedited shipping) and $14.39 (the difference between the price of the new toaster and the price of the original one that I ordered). I agreed and Laz then placed the order for the second toaster oven using the information already associated with the prior order.

• After Laz placed the order (Order Number: 8692014-432962), he attempted to apply the agreed on refunds to my credit card. Laz discovered that he was not able to do this because he placed the order through an affiliate of Walmart, Wayfair, and that any refund would have to be processed by Wayfair. Seeing as how he could not process a refund to my credit card as promised, Laz offered to give me the refund in form of a Walmart gift card. I explained to Laz that this would not be acceptable because my credit card would not accept a Walmart gift card from me when it came time to pay my credit card bill; as big a corporation as Walmart is, a Walmart gift card is not the equivalent of cash!

• Laz then stated that he would call Wayfair to cancel the order and to process a full refund of the amount charged ($69.36) and that I should select another toaster oven from Walmart’s website and we would do the same thing again, just that he would make sure that this time the order for the third toaster oven was directly with Walmart.

• Laz tried to contact Wayfair to cancel the order, but wasn’t able to get through. At this point, Laz assured me that he would continue to try to get in touch with Wayfair to cancel the order and process the refund and then Laz asked if I wanted to go ahead with processing the order (and subsequent refund) for the third toaster oven (like we did for the second toaster oven). At this point I had lost all faith in Walmart and its representatives and stated that I would hold off on placing an order for the third toaster oven until the full refund for the second toaster oven had been processed. At this point, I gave Laz my office phone number and Laz promised to call me back to (i) confirm that the order for the second toaster oven had been canceled and that a refund had been processed; and (ii) place the expedited order for the third toaster oven, as well as the refund for (A) the expedited shipping in connection with the third toaster oven and (B) the amount by which the price of the third toaster exceeded the price of the first toaster oven.

o On December 20, 2011 at about 2:30 pm, since I had not heard from Laz, I called Walmart’s customer service.

• I explained the situation to the new representative that I spoke to and also stressed the fact that I needed to have a toaster oven by Christmas. She proceeded to inform me that there was nothing Walmart could do about the order for the second toaster and that I would have to take up the issue directly with Wayfair. She did not offer any solution to the issue of the toaster oven I needed by Christmas. I explained to her that (i) the original representative that I spoke to (Laz) told me that he would handle obtaining the refund, so I knew it was possible for Walmart to help me; (ii) I had no business with Wayfair since I never contacted Wayfair nor made a purchase through Wayfair; and (iii) as the only company I dealt with was Walmart, I did not understand why I was being referred to a third party. Again she said that there was nothing Walmart could do to assist in obtaining my refund.

• I asked to speak to a supervisor. At that time, I was transferred to a supervisor named Shakema. Shakema was of even less help. She repeated that I should contact Wayfair myself to cancel the order and said that all she could do about the toaster I needed as a Christmas gift was to apologize. I asked her why I, the customer, should fix a problem that Walmart caused. All I got was an apology, not an offer to help me reclaim the $69.36 that Walmart deceptively charged to my credit card. Unlike Laz, who at least tried to offer a workable solution, this inept supervisor did nothing—she didn’t offer a replacement toaster oven, she didn’t offer to expedite the shipment of another substitute Christmas gift to me, she didn’t express any concern about my ability to recover my money! She then said that she would have to hang up on me!! Seeing as how I neither insulted her or the prior representative, neither did I raise my voice to either of them, I was shocked that she would say she was hanging up on me. I decided at that point to retain whatever dignity I had left and to end the conversation.

How can Walmart resolve this problem:

(1) Make me whole, i.e. I either keep the toaster they erroneously ordered and they credit me with any excess over the original $30 ($70 - $30 = $40 credit); or I return the toaster and Walmart credits me the full $70 that they charged to my credit card.

(2) Repay me for the over 2 hours of my time spent dealing with customer service

(3) Issue a personal apology and not some random computer generated

(4) Fire Shakema!


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by T. B. Posted Sat December 24, 2011 @ 12:58 AM

While I sympathize with you and agree that you did receive poor
customer service, I dont think you will be paid for the time you spent
on the phone. I also wonder what an personal apology will do for you?
Will it get you replacement Christmas present? No. It wont. And I
doubt they will fire the supervisor over it....I personally am shocked
that she said she was hanging up on you. If you were not cursing or
yelling at her, then her job as a sup is to listen - for as long as it
takes you to vent. She may nor may not can help you in the end but
listening is her job. I work in a call center for a insurance company
and our sup's would NEVER threaten to hang up on one of our customers.
When some of our callers get too out of control, the supervisor will
suggest a cooling off period and request to call the person back. And
we always make sure to call back.

I think if I were you, I would wait for the other toaster to show up,
take it right on up to the local Walmart and return it and get a
refund and then go to Target or Sears and buy another one and call it
a day. I am sorry you had such a bad experience with Walmart but they
are not really known for their excellent customer service store side,
so I doubt they would be much better on the phone.


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