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Extra Charges At Walmart Styling Salon

Posted Wed December 21, 2011 12:00 pm, by Michelle T. written to Walmart

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Just before Thanksgiving, I had my hair colored at my local Walmart salon. Before getting the service, I inquired about the price and was told that it would be $45 plus and extra $10 for my longer hair. I decided to go ahead with the service since I was the only customer there, and there was no wait. While I was there, the stylist (also the salon manager) worked in 3 other customers. I would not have minded this, except that I feel I was under the dryer way too long, and she did not get all the color washed out of my hair (which I found out after leaving the salon and discovering that my shirt was ruined because it had streaks of dark color all over the back where my hair had brushed against it.) I think she was just in a hurry and trying to get through as many customers as she could. When I told the stylist that the dryer was getting too hot, she decided to blow dry the ends of my hair (that were still wet because they were not pinned up and under the dryer). She did not make any effort to smooth my hair as she finished drying it, so when she asked if I'd like it flat ironed, I said yes. At that point it looked as if I had stuck my finger in a light socket, and my hair needed to be smoothed down somehow. She ironed it very quickly in large sections, spending no more than 5 minutes on my long, thick, wavy hair. When I went to pay, my bill was over $70, not $55 like I had expected. She failed to mention that the flat-ironing would be an extra $15 charge, and she charged me for conditioning my hair, without having asked or evening mentioning the charge. She also had to have seen the stains all over the back of my shirt, but she didn't mention those either. For $70, I could have gone to a nicer full service salon and had a haircut included (which I did not get here). My hair would have looked nice by simply adding some tension with a round brush and pointing the nozzle of the blow dryer down to smooth the hair shaft, and I wouldn't have needed the flat ironing. I am very unhappy with my experience at this salon. It was way overpriced, my hair did not look or feel good when I left, and my shirt was ruined. I will certainly not go back to this Walmart salon, and will share this experience with my friends and family members so they can avoid a similar experience.

At the least, I would like to be compensated for my shirt. While I would never choose to get my hair colored at this Walmart location again, I do have children who need haircuts quite often. It would be convenient to be able to take them to Walmart for this, but I can certainly find someplace else to take them if there is no resolution to this issue.


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by REBECA B. Posted Thu July 4, 2013 @ 1:56 PM

On the 4th of July, 2013-- I thank you so much for this information, I
just called the salon in Delmont, PA and the lady (VANNESSA) told me
is not a Wal-Mart Salon that they are owned by Regis. I asked
specifically the total cost for hair color plus hair cut. Vanessa
stated that I could come in before 4 pm, and that they would give me a
free consultation. I asked to give a total price for coloring plus a
hair cut and she stated they do not give prices over the phone. This
brought memories back when on at this same salon I went for shampoo
and flat iron and they over charged me, when I asked how come it was
more then what was posted she stated that flat iron was extra. I
agree with you that their practices are misleading, because they tell
you about the extra prices once they have performed the services.
Obviously, the customer feels abused and has no choice but to pay.


by batmoody Posted Thu December 22, 2011 @ 2:05 PM

Are these "salons" even operated by Wal-Mart or does someone just
lease the space? At my Wal-Mart theres a hair place and a nail place
but they have their own names, not Wal-Mart Salon or whatever.

Just wondering if it's actually a Wal-Mart issue....


by RedheadwGlasses Posted Wed December 21, 2011 @ 12:41 PM

I agree, she should have told you about services that would cost
extra. But here's the thign: It's the cheap, crappy salons that
charge you for the minimal styling done at the end. A NICE salon --
one that doesn't make a stylist work on four customers at once, or
make her do double duty as the receptionist -- doesn't do that. (The
conditioning typically costs about $5 even at a very nice salon,
because they're not using a large amount.)

"Walmart salon" was your first clue that you'd be treated this way.


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