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Lack of Customer Service

Posted Mon April 25, 2011 9:50 pm, by Paula M. written to Walmart

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The last 2 visits I have made to a Walmart store has left me annoyed with the Customer Service (or lack thereof) with the grocery checkers. As you are putting the last of your grocery bags in your cart during check-out, should there be any bags remaining over on the other side of the "bag go-round" you can't see them. A little customer service would be greatly appreciated to keep from leaving some bags behind as I have experienced lately. While you are trying to pay out, the checkers (while heaven forbid they should assist in putting any bags in the cart for you!)should make for sure you have not left anything behind.

Train the checkers in a little customer assistance. Since my last visit was a 50 mile trip (one-way), I've lost the $11.60 worth of merchandise left behind. Plus, now my next visit to the nearest Walmart will result in repurchasing those items.


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by PepperElf Posted Thu April 28, 2011 @ 10:52 AM

This is why I look to make sure I have all my bags before I go.

Since I have the ability to take my bags from the bag-go-round on the
cart-side of things, that means I also have the ability to turn the
bag-go-round myself as well.

"checkers should make for sure you have not left anything behind."
Customers should too. This is something any mentally competent adult
can do.

by Chadg Posted Tue April 26, 2011 @ 1:14 PM

I used to cashier at walmart. if you take a look at the register area,
especially in the older form factor stores, the carousel and cashier
stand are a tight fit with the lane beside it. Not putting down
overweight people, but perhaps the cashier did not have enough room to
go around and put your bags in the cart. Im of average build (6'1"
190pds.) and if a customer in the lane next to me has a cart, i am
effectively boxed in. Consider that the other customer might get
offended if i ask him to move his cart, and its a no win situation.
Its not like cashiers dont want to help, in many cases they are
physically incapable, due to size, or other inconsiderate people.

I do agree with you when it comes to the cashier not checking to make
sure you have everything. They should make one complete turn of the
carousel after you unload everything, just to be sure.


by Bill R. Posted Mon April 25, 2011 @ 10:00 PM

Paula M.,

Upon your next visit why would you not bring your receipt, ask to
speak with a manager and explain what happened?

As far as the bagging issue...stand back and wait them out. Don't be
the one to "blink".

Good luck.



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