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ATM Balance Inquiry fees

Posted Sat July 14, 2007 12:50 pm, by G M. written to Washington Mutual

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Apparently there is something called "ATM Balance Inquiry fee" of $2.00 if you check your account balance through a WAMU ATM machine! The kicker is that the ATM automatically asks you if you want to check the balance first, before you start any other transaction, yet there is absolutely no mention that if you say "yes" you will be charged a fee for it! I have complained to customer service, who of course claims that the disclosure is contained in the paperwork they give you when you first open up your account. However, there is no such disclosure that I can find anywhere.

I want you to waive this fee for all its customers like me who have inadvertently incurred it, and to immediately modify its ATM machines to make full disclosure of this ridiculous, greedy policy.


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by NethMary Posted Mon March 21, 2011 @ 1:32 AM

Problem of charges. ATM fees are an unfortunate fact of life for
out-of-network banking customers. With the Dodd-Frank Wall Street
Reform Act cutting out the overdraft fees, banks are seeking to jack
up the ATM fees to migraine-inducing amounts. href="http://personalmoneystore.com/moneyblog/2011/03/17/chase-atm-fee
is leading the charge, with a $5 ATM fee for
non-customers in Illinois.

by david l. Posted Fri March 21, 2008 @ 1:16 PM

Thanks for posting this.

When I spoke with WaMu about this, they said it is only if you check
your balance from a non-WaMu ATM.

I was put through to a supervisor who said it was policy and is stated
in the account disclosure docs.

I explained that I was a new WaMu customer, excited about being with
"The Home of Free Checking" and was most disappointed with being
stiffed in such a way. Also saying that I have never seen any other
bank charge such a fee.

The supervisor said it was WaMu policy.

I asked that the supervisor waive this fee for this one occassion, and
I will be willing to pay if I do it again. She agreed, and waived
the fee.

I must admit, I got pretty stern with her. I don't normally do that.
But I was explicit in saying what I wanted to happen, and I was
pretty sure supervisor would be authorised to remove a single $2

by Cor H Posted Mon July 16, 2007 @ 7:20 PM

I'll bet it is there. I would recommend the OP keep looking in the


That's what I thought too. by BellaSera Mon July 16, 2007 @ 9:04 PM

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