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Car Buyer Beware

Posted Tue August 1, 2017 12:00 pm, by Michelle S. written to Ziegler's Auto Sales

I went to Ziegler's Auto Sales to purchase a second vehicle. The full down payment for the 2005 Honda Odyssey was $1500.00. I put $1000.00 down payment on the vehicle on 3/04/17. The first car payment of $280.00 and first half of down payment $250.00 was due on 4/01/17. I lost my job on 3/31/17. I am the only one supporting a family of 5 because my husband, John, is not able to work because of his medical issues. I called Ziegler's Auto Sales on 4/01/17 to inform them of my situation. I was told to bring the vehicle back to their lot. John and I brought the vehicle back to the lot on 4/01/17. When Ziegler Auto Sales received the keys to the vehicle. We were told "NO REFUNDS"!! We were upset with the outcome but left the lot peacefully.

Mr. Ziegler was pressuring us to buy the vehicle by telling us "He had a lot of people wanting the vehicle and it may not be on the lot on Monday March 6. We test drove the vehicle and the driver side passenger door was not working. Mr. Ziegler said he would order the parts to fix the door.

I would like Ziegler Auto Sales to refund my $1000.00 down payment to me. I feel that this car lot should not profit off of my situation.

I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau on 4/05/17. I received an email from BBB that as of 5/02/17, Ziegler's Auto Sales ignored my complaint. I filed a complaint with the Ohio Attorney General's Office on 5/10/17. Ziegler's Auto Sales has not agreed to resolve my complaint from their response dated 7/10/17. My complaint filed with the Ohio Attorney's Office will be retained in their complaint file and may be used to identify patterns of bad business practices.

I have been contacted by John Matarese from WCPO Channel 9 News. He is going to do a "Don't Waste Your Money " news segment on Used Car Lots in the Tri-State. Ziegler's Auto Sales will be featured on this segment. He will let consumers know which Used Car Lots have good customer service and use patterns of reasonable business practices. Ziegler's Auto Sales is placed in John Matarese's "Doesn't That Stink File" for harsh and unreasonable business practices toward their customers.


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by Shaun J. Posted Wed August 2, 2017 @ 12:39 AM

I feel for your difficulties Michelle, but I can't help but think that
there is nothing Ziegler has done anything wrong. You did have use of
the car before returning it a month later.


Car Buyer Beware Consumer by Michelle S. Thu August 3, 2017 @ 9:18 AM

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